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Enabling the Future of Loyalty, Today!

There is one fundamental flaw in all current loyalty solutions — it’s a 2-step process! Some form of additional interaction is required between customer and merchant at the point of sale to link a customer’s transaction with a loyalty programme, most commonly by scanning a plastic card, key ring or app. This is not only a time consuming and inefficient process, but it is also the primary cause of a visible decline in the industry:

  • Low adoption rates (up to 70% don’t go through an enrolment process)
  • High churn (65% of people that sign-up to loyalty programmes stop using them within 6 months)
  • Low activity rate (The average rate of “active members” within loyalty programmes is less than 20%)
  • Low perceived value (67% of customers feel the hassle of loyalty programmes outweigh the benefits)

While loyalty programmes are still one of the primary drivers of purchase behaviour (with loyalty members showing higher frequency and average order value), the loyalty sector is still in need of an upgrade. Many loyalty programmes still force customers to scan barcodes, QR codes or enter promtion codes — it’s a painfully outdated process!

As the world is entering an age of automation, so must customer loyalty. It’s only a matter of time. And that time is now.

Imagine if customers could automatically receive loyalty points (subject to your affirmative consent of course), in real time the moment they make a purchas using a debit or credit card, or smart phone, without having to do anything extra. Hassle removed!

No need to flash a code or scan a voucher. Zero friction. Loyalty made simple.

A simple real time notification could be delivered to customer's phones to alert them to the number of loyalty points earned or the amount of money credited straight to their bank accounts from the purchase. No need to scan codes, flash vouchers or do anything... it all happens simultaneously!

This is the future of loyalty.

We have set out to catalyse this inevitable transition by making the underlying technology for enabling the above experience simpler, faster and easier than ever to implement.

We have built an API platform that makes it easy for retailers, developers and other technology partners to automate loyalty programmes by linking them directly with customers' bank cards, in real time! The technology can be easily embedded into any iOS, Android or web application using our native SDKs.

What would have taken a development team years of complex integrations to achieve, can now be reduced to a single 15-minute integration via Fidel API. No need to sign multiple contracts with multiple schemes, no PCI-DSS* compliance required, no upfront fees — simply pay-as-you-use.

By radically reducing the cost of implementing the technology, we intend to accelerate the inevitable and welcome the future!

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