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How Brands like Avios are Using Card-linking to Build Long-term Customer Loyalty

Loyalty was born in the 18th century, when retailers gave returning customers copper coins to put towards future purchases. Although today our wallets aren't weighed down with copper coins, they don’t have to be weighed down by plastic either - a better solution exists. 🤠

Since their beginnings, loyalty programmes have effectively changed the way consumers interact and understand brands. However, many schemes often stumble due to complexities with 77% failing within the first two years (AnnexCloud). For many businesses, the task of setting up loyalty and marketing programmes is onerous, time-consuming and expensive.💰

From a customer perspective, downloading an app, signing up, collecting points and finally activating rewards are often deterrents from engaging with loyalty schemes all together. 62% of shoppers cited ‘inconvenience’ as their top reason for not signing up to loyalty programmes (3Cinteractive). For those that do sign up, many use a discount once but never transition into long-term customers. 🤷‍♀️

Card-linking changes all of that… 💳

Fidel API is transforming the loyalty space by giving customers the option to easily link payment cards to their favourite brand’s loyalty and marketing services. All a customer has to do is link their card once, and with every transaction going forward shoppers are automatically rewarded each time they use their card. It’s that simple! 🛍

Card-linking is helping businesses drive higher sales, increase retention rates and create better customer experiences. This December, Avios is introducing card-linked offers to their loyalty programmes, giving members an improved customer experience along with more opportunities to earn rewards. Avios is partnering with brands across the UK and Ireland to offer members more locations to earn Avios at every time they use their linked debit or credit card. 🎁

Brands such as Avios, TopCashback and Perkbox are among just a few of the companies hopping on board the card-linking train. By using a Card-Linked Offers (CLO) platform to connect with retailers, loyalty programmes can be simplified and more flexible. On the platform, publishers and retailers can easily create and manage offers, choose who they work with, access forecasting tools and track campaign performance in real-time.

Figure 1: The customer journey of card-linked offers

With more and more purchases today made by card, it’s no wonder brands are switching to card-linking. Avios (Avios case study), TopCashback (TopCashback case study) and Perkbox (Perkbox case study) are among just a few of the brands rolling out card-linking services. As consumers become more reliant on smartphones and mobile payments, it’s pivotal brands shift their attention to the new way customers spend. 📊📈

Fidel is the only card-linking API partnering with Visa, Mastercard and Amex so consumers can shop with any card type and receive real-time notifications of rewards earned. Within the first year, Fidel has powered millions in sales across a range of publishers... and that’s just the start. Although based in the U.K., they’ve recently launched in the U.S., Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, with plans to expand to Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in 2019.🌎

Card-linking is changing how the game of loyalty is played by finally making loyalty seamless.✅

To learn more about card-linking and how it’s helping companies drive long-term customer loyalty, visit or drop an email to Happy Linking! 🤓