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Real-time payment data from credit and debit cards
£ 27.21
  "amount": 27.21,
  "datetime": "2020-10-22T16:23:13",
  "currency": "GBP",
  "auth": true,
  "scheme": "Visa",
  "brand": "Odeon",
  "address": "53 Frith St",

Unlock the power of real-time payment data

Build frictionless, real-time, and personalized products on top of payment cards, supported by the world’s largest card networks.

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Connect to, build on and innovate
with payment cards

With Fidel APIs, developers can avoid complex integrations with payment service providers and bring their products to market in a faster, more secure, and more scalable fashion.

Card-linking in action
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Plug into the world of payments

Integrate directly with Visa©, Mastercard© and Amex© to receive granular transaction data — including amount, geolocation, precise time, spend method and merchant IDs in real-time.

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Innovate with ease

Connect to the world of payments through a single integration point, with simple, fixed pricing. Our extensive documentation means you can be up and running in an afternoon.

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Build with confidence

Remove the burden of PCI DSS compliance with our SDKs and card tokenization that ensure all cardholder data is secure, never compromised or misused.