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The Card object holds information about the card details submitted by the user using our SDKs - we have JavaScript, Android, iOS and ReactNative SDKs at the moment. One user may link multiple debit or credit cards.


The Card object can also have associated metadata, with an id property that is a non-unique index. When creating a card, you can set the id property of the metadata to a custom identifier, for example my-brand-name-cards. Later you can use our Cards API to retrieve a list of cards by using the metadata ID. You can read more about this in our API Reference for the List Cards from Metadata ID endpoint.

Add Card with SDK (preferred)

In order to link a card to a program, we recommend that you use our secure and PCI compliant SDKs. These require the user to enter their card number and expiry date. The SDK will be prepopulated with the country code and the programId of the Program you want to link their card to. On submission, the card number is tokenised and transmitted directly from our secure pre-built iframe to the API. This way, your servers are never exposed to sensitive information, removing all PCI compliance requirements from your side.

Linking Multiple Cards
To facilitate users linking multiple cards, add identication key:value pairs from your system in the metadata field.

We never store card numbers. To identify the user in a transaction object you can use the cardId property. After this point only the cardId is exchanged between your servers, the card networks and Fidel's API.

After the card is linked successfully, we will monitor any purchase made by this card at any of the program’s physical or online locations. The transaction object will be sent to a webhook URL specified by you.

Add Card with API

To add a card using the API, you must be PCI Compliant. Contact us at for more information.

Card Linking in Test

API Playground

To test adding cards to a program, go to the API Playground, and choose Add Card from the left menu endpoints. The method is set to POST and the endpoint to /cards. When you choose the program that you would like to connect the card to from the dropdown, the POST url will change to show the program ID. In the edit field of the playground is the JSON object that will be used to add the card. To add a card, use one of the available testing card numbers displayed below, an expiry date in the future, and the three letter countryCode. You must set termsOfUse to true to define that the user agreed to the terms of use and opt-in.

Important note
To use the Create Card endpoint, you must use the test public key. Using the Create Card API endpoint on live environment requires your company to be PCI Compliant. If you want to use the API instead of the SDKs, please contact us at

Create card

When the card is successfully linked, the newly created card object is returned in JSON and displayed in the response body box. If the card linking fails, the failure object will be delivered instead.

Testing Card Linking with the Web SDK

You can also use the Web SDK to create cards in test environment using your test public key. If an error occurs on card creation, you receive the error message in the HTTP response body.

JSON Card Response Object


      "accountId": "a3de60c3-849a-4faa-8447-bcd16efb148c",
      "countryCode": "GBR",
      "expDate": "2022-01-31T23:59:59.999Z",
      "metadata": {
        "id": "my-brand-name-cards",
        "customKey1": "customValue1",
        "customKey2": "customValue2"
      "expMonth": 1,
      "expYear": 2022,
      "firstNumbers": "444400",
      "lastNumbers": "4898",
      "live": true,
      "programId": "bca59bd9-171b-4d1f-92af-4b2b7305268a",
      "scheme": "visa",
      "type": "visa",
      "updated": "2020-03-24T14:10:19.597Z",
      "created": "2020-03-24T14:10:19.597Z",
      "id": "68cb2b1c-ad78-44bc-8abc-d93277667240"
  "resource": "/v1/programs/bca59bd9-171b-4d1f-92af-4b2b7305268a/cards",
  "status": 201,
  "execution": 34.24295

Testing Card Numbers

Use the following test card number ranges to test card linking in test mode, either in the Playground or using the SDKs or APIs with your test public API key.

Visa: 4444000000004***
Mastercard: 5555000000005***
Amex: 3400000000003** and 3700000000003**

Where * can be any number. E.g. 4444000000004278, 5555000000005093 and 370000000000388 are all valid test card numbers.