Transparent, upfront pricing

No setup fees or integration costs. We operate a simple pay as you use model with a fixed cost per transaction that scales down as you scale up. Our flexible pricing structure makes it easy to get started for any type of business.





Up to 50,000*



Next 250,000




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*Minimum charge of 39,990 transactions/month. Auth and Clearing count as separate transactions.


Do you have a free trial?

Yes we do! We offer a sandbox environment where you can set up a test program with locations and try a set of payment cards to simulate a real scenario. Read more about testing Fidel on our docs page.

Is there a setup cost?

Nope. All you need to get started is a developer account with which you can install SDKs and test cards. Once you are ready to go live, just flick the switch.

How does your pricing scale?

Pricing ranges from 15p down to 3p per transaction. The higher the volume, the lower the price.

Do you charge for API calls?

We don’t — you can make as many API calls as you want, but you can also use webhooks to get notified of updates.