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TopCashback is one of the UK’s largest cashback and rewards platforms, boasting a customer base of multi-millions coupled with over 4,600 merchants onboard. TopCashback is widely considered one of the most generous reward platforms in the UK.

Customer story


The challenge

TopCashback needed a solution that would allow them to grow their customer base. The PCI requirements for the existing card-linked programme put a significant cost and burden on the business. TopCashback was looking for a way to focus on growing a card-linked customer base while increasing the number of in-store offers.

TopCashback was able to triple the size of its card-linked customer base in just 3 months by integrating with Fidel.

The solution

By working with Fidel, TopCashback was able to set up a programme that integrated with their website in a matter of weeks. Fidel was able to completely remove TopCashback’s PCI compliance burden by providing secure iframes for enrolling bank cards.

Utilising Fidel’s integrations with major card networks (Visa©, Mastercard© and American Express©), TopCashback was able to triple the size of its card-linked customer base by allowing all major card types. Fidel is now managing the platform, whilst TopCashback is enrolling thousands of customers per day and getting great value offers for in-store purchases.

TopCashback’s website on a laptop screen

Key benefits

  • Removing PCI Compliance burden
  • Super fast integration process
  • Excellent support

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