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Attribution and Insights

Fidel’s API provides a holistic picture of customer spend across different channels by connecting payment cards to programmes or apps.

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  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Improve channel assessment
    Attribute spend back to its source to assess the performance of different channels.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Increase visibility
    Identify customer spend across various channels, providing a holistic view and better understanding of spend behaviour.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Drive insights
    Leverage spend data to improve customer experiences across the sales cycle, from initial identification through to post-purchase.

What you could build:

Step 1

User securely enrols payment card to app

Step 2

User makes purchase on online platform for advertised service or product

Step 3

Fidel attributes tokenized customer payment card to a unique ID

Step 4

User makes purchase at participating brand with enrolled payment card

Step 5

Granular payment data is surfaced via Fidel’s Dashboard in real-time