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Expense Management

Our API enables developers to connect to real-time payment card data and build the next generation of spend management platforms.


  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Engage users the moment a transaction occurs
    Receive real-time payment data for all purchases from any card across the major card networks.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Reduce time to market
    Connect easily to granular payment data through a single API.
  • ShapeCreated with Sketch.Remove PCI compliance burden and keep users secure
    Enroll cards through Fidel’s Verified Card Enrollment SDK to connect cards to the platform, while verifying that the enrolled card belongs to the specified cardholder.

What you could build:

Step 1

Enroll & Verify

Employee enrolls and verifies card, which is then tokenized and associated with their profile / ID

Step 2


Employee makes business-related purchase with enrolled card

Step 3

Automated Decisioning

Expenses can be spotted and approved in real-time, so employee doesn’t need to file expense reports

Step 4

Surface Real-Time Data

View real-time transaction data to allow finance teams to update budgets and forecasting instantly

Step 5

Reimburse personal cards

Send money directly back to personal cards upon expense approval