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Unlock the power of real-time payment data

Access global data from Visa©, Mastercard© and Amex© with Fidel’s API and accelerate your innovations

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Fidel makes it easy to create experiences your customers love. We surface the transactional data you need through a single API, so you can build without the burden of complex integrations, cost or compliance.

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Plug into global customer
payment data

Integrate directly with Visa©, Mastercard© and Amex© to get granular transaction data — including amount, location, date and merchant in real-time.

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Create innovations
with ease

Connect to the payments infrastructure through a single integration point. Our extensive documentation means you can get up and running in an afternoon.

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Grow your projects

Get to market faster by removing the burden of PCI DSS compliance. Our secure SDKs tokenize card numbers to protect users and keep data safe as you scale.

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Built for developers.
Simple, stable and easy to integrate.

Start building straight away by linking any card to any project with just a few lines of code.

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We help innovators unlock payment data and build better customer experiences

“Fidel is a game changer that allows us to monitor and reward based on actual spending.”
Björn Bjärbo — CEO of Goloyal