About us

Fidel’s primary mission is to fuel innovation by making financial data more accessible. Fidel experienced first-hand the obstacles of establishing data connectivity with large financial institutions — huge contracts, multiple complex integrations, heavy compliance burden, substantial price tags and incredibly long implementation time.

Fidel API’s role in the ecosystem is to remove the above obstacles and make the process easy for everyone. We take care of all the heavy lifting in the background, so that our partners can focus on building innovative consumer propositions that will ultimately drive transaction volume and contribute towards the growth of the ecosystem.

Sam working at the pingpong table
Franny the dog sitting in the calling room
Sina and Les looking at a laptop screen
Andre in a Fidel t-shirt from the back, looking at a screen

Our values

At Fidel we live, sleep and work by our values. We consider the culture that has been fostered our greatest asset. It transpires through everything we do. The personal relationships we have created with our customers, partners and team members is what defines us. We are constantly striving to maintain the same level of integrity as we expand across geographies and time zones.

  • Be humble
  • Be honest
  • Be adaptable
  • Be encouraging
  • Be a leader

We are proudly backed by

  • Horizons Ventures
  • Innovate UK